Sunday, December 14, 2008

Log Cabin Quilts

I took a Log Cabin class at Adult Ed taught by Marty Frolli in the winter of 1998. I made this quilt for the wedding of my nephew Greg Downs and Diane. Marti had us make an assortment of log cabin squares, one a week, then put them all together into a traditional design. I used her idea and made my own design.

84 x 84 inches

This quilt, made for my dear friend, Nancy Dubie, was inspired by a quilt I saw at the Cheyenne,Wyoming quilt show some years back. The little centers of the squares  are in the colors of the rainbow and run diagonally. (This is a terrible photograph but it's all I've got).

Nothing  is All Black and White, There is Always a Little Color
72 x 84 inches

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Nancy D. said...

Isabel, you are so right...the photo doesn't do it justice! It is so incredibly has changed the whole atmosphere of my bedroom! -Nancy D.