Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Auction Quilts

During the years our children were at Montessori Center School, I donated a number of quilts to their annual fundraiser. The earliest ones were pieced by me and then handquilted by a group of MCS moms who met once a week in the evening over the course of a few months. I have a photographic record of only one those quilts. It was made in 1996 on the occasion of the school's 30th birthday and features a label on the back with a photograph and the signatures of all the teachers then at the school as well as a signed photo of the quilters. It is now in the possession of Dr. Karen Engberg, some of whose four children were in the same classes as our three.

94 x 94 inches
Then I made a number of auction quilts on my own. This "Star Album" was made in an SBCC Adult Education class taught by Marty Frolli in 1999. We learned to draft patterns, not something I enjoyed. Some of the stars were quite challenging. This quilt fetched the very handsome price of $6000 at the auction.

84 x 84 inches

I also donated a "Watercolor" landscape quilt , again using the technique described by Magaret and Slusser in Watercolor Impressions, 1993. It features the gate in the adobe wall of a garden in downtown Santa Barbara. There weren't all that many fabrics with plants available at that time so I had to resort to upholstery fabrics in places.

42 x 30 inches

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