Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Black, White and Red Quilts continued

Here we have a Rising Star in the center surrounded by Log Cabin with a Flying Geese border and Pinwheel in the corners. There is a little dog at the very center.

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #5
42 x 42 inches

This quilt employs the Seminole technique and features a delicious variety of fashion fabrics. I would say that it's my favorite of the series because I laughed the most while sewing it.

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #6
48 x 55 inches

The basic unit here is the Half-Square Triangle.

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #7
56 x 56 inches

Lerlene Nevaril in Hidden Blocks, 2002, calls the basic units of this quilt Arrowhead.

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #8
44 x 44 inches

This is, in fact, a Log Cabin, with black and white blocks and red and pink blocks whose corners were chopped off and switched around. The idea was developed by Katie Pasquini Masopust in "Dancing Log Cabins", Quilters Newsletter Magazine, Spring 2000

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #9
55 x 55 inches

The Seminole technique redux using musical fabrics

Harmony in Black, White and Red
48 x 55 inches

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