Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Black, White & Red Quilts

Earlier this year, I made a black and white log cabin quilt (see Log Cabin Quilts post) and was so taken with the look that I decided to make a series of lap sized quilts entitled Black, White and Barely Re(a)d for the women in one of my book groups, the Bookies. I made 10 in all, eight for the women in my group, one for a dear friend and colleague who lost her home and everything in it in the recent Tea Fire and one for my piano teacher. Where possible, I used fabrics that reflect the personality of the gal in question: cat fabrics for the kitty lovers, dog fabrics for the one with a pooch, fashion fabrics for the "fashionista" and musical fabrics for my piano teacher. I presented them at the December meeting this year; my pals were surprised and totally delighted.The quilts are numbered in the order in which they were made. It took me about nine months (January-September) to complete this project but I was really revved up. Here I am with the "girls"just after they opened their quilts.

Any dreams I had of reducing my stash of black, white and red fabrics were smashed to smithereens; I now have probably three times as much as I had before I started and will have to keep on making B/W & R quilts forever.

This is a traditional pattern that has many names including Jacob's Ladder

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #1
54 x 64 inches

This quilt combines the traditional blocks Rising Star and Snail's Trail

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #2
45 x 45 inches

Good old Log Cabin, it's quick and easy, with a Fence Rail border.

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #3
51 x 51 inches

The inspiration for this little kitty quilt is hanging in the Treasure Hunt, the fabric store in Carpenteria, CA.

Black, White and Barely Re(a)d #4
50 x 50 inches

See the post "Black, White and Red Continued" for the rest of the quilts. It has been challenging to put this many photos on one post.

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