Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Quilts

I have made a fair number of baby quilts over the years for the offspring of nieces and nephews and friends. My earliest ones were based on the pattern Trip Around The World. In an undated article that I snipped out of Quilters' Newsletter Magazine more than a decade ago, Barb Gorges described a quick method for piecing this quilt that takes advantage of strip piecing and tube construction. I made it four or five times and even bullied my then 10 year old daughter Olivia into making one.

Rainbow 'Round the World
48 x 48 inches

Made for Benjamin Danjoux whose mother, Anne Silverstein, lived in our little apartment downstairs for two years and babysat our kids. The Danjoux family lives in Rheims, France.

Another quilt pattern that I have used a lot recently is titled Once Upon a Time but I have shortened its name to Story Time. It appears in The Modern Quilt Workshop: Patterns, Techniques and Designs from the Funquilters Studio by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle, 2005. It features fussy cut squares cut from kid fabrics that are connected by lines. It is hoped that the adult cradling the child in his/her lap will narrate silly stories with the items featured in the squares as a point of departure. My satellite group, the Blockheads, did a square exchange for this quilt so as to maximize the variety of characters in the story.

Story Time
42 x 52 inches

I made one quilt using Doreen Speckman's Peaky and Spike patterns in Pattern Play, 1993. I called it The One that Got Away and made it for the daughter of our dear friends, Pierre and Natalie Lejeune at 
the STARESO lab in Calvi, Corsica.

42 x 42 inches

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