Thursday, January 1, 2009

Curved Piecing Quilts

I took a workshop from Judy B. Dales on "Curved Piecing" at Asilomar in the spring of 2000. As if the technique wasn't challenging enough, she dared us to work in a color palette that we always avoid. I loathe pink, so here it is, an improbable flower in pinks and lavenders.

Olivia's Wild Flower
36 x 36 inches

The Coastal Quilters Guild challenge a few years ago was themed "Black and White with a little Color". Using Judy Dales's curved piecing technique again (am I a glutton for punishment?), I came up with this little piece to celebrate the first (and sadly also last) Santa Barbara Tango and Malambo Festival in 2003. I gave it to the Festival organizer and Santa Barbara Symphony director, Gisele Ben-Dor.

Tango Dancers
42 x 36 inches

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